Agitated Motorcycle Driver Gets His Revenge

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METO +0 Points November 10, 2010

So apparently he doesnt use that mirror anyway, otherwise he wouldnt cut off Nice Job !!

God +1 Point July 6, 2010

What a pussy move. Get off your bike and punch him like a man

LA Riders +1 Point June 27, 2010

Wrong or not on either part, merging into the lane with or without seeing the rider or the rider speeding up. How is this person who cut of this rider going to know what they did wrong if you don't confront them immediately.

This rider is a cowar

llanta +1 Point June 26, 2010

even if he did signal if the guy is still coming you dont just merge into that lane.... lmao should have done more than take that mirror out

dumbass +1 Point June 26, 2010

what a faggot, the car signaled to get over into the left lane and the motorcyclist sped up just so he could get pissed off at the guy driving

Dukakke 07 +1 Point June 26, 2010

LOL learn from Me Likey.

Me Likey +1 Point June 26, 2010

Good job. Next time just plant C4 on it and wire it to the ignition. He'll never cut anyone off again...Promise.

ducati likes potty +1 Point June 25, 2010

what are you talking about? blah blah wouldn't have done shit

Eh +1 Point June 25, 2010

He clearly wasn't using that mirror anyway...he may not even notice.

brooklyngod +0 Points June 25, 2010

just plain silly. oh si

Ducati 07 +1 Point June 25, 2010

....maybe just throw a ball bearing over your shoulder and which accidently goes through their windsheild.

Ducati 07 +1 Point June 25, 2010

What a pussy, that car tried to trash you and your bike so you need to trash him and his car. If you not going to beat his face in with your helmet atleast car ball bearings like i do. When someone cuts you off you cut them off in return and maybe just a

Thomas tripp +1 Point June 25, 2010

I want that 146 back of my life

WTF +1 Point June 25, 2010

another Victory for the GAY team!

Judge Mathis +1 Point June 25, 2010

Another Hoopie dee car hit

blackass +1 Point June 25, 2010

shit nigga he barely hit it

umm +1 Point June 25, 2010

well, at least he broke the side mirror, its obvious they dont use it anyway which is why he almost got hit in the first place. this guy is a genius!

god +0 Points June 25, 2010

getting cut off like this happens all the time on a bike, he should save his temper for when a car really fucks him over

ATSViper +1 Point June 25, 2010

I was looking forward to a fight, at least break the window. Him punching the mirror made me laugh.

lilzook +1 Point June 25, 2010

lmfao..the car was already fucked up..

Cuntflaps +1 Point June 25, 2010

LOL what a load of shit.... wankers.

..... +1 Point June 25, 2010


brooklyngod +1 Point June 25, 2010

another shooshtime classic. oh si

chuck +1 Point June 25, 2010

lame ass drama queen.


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