Big Rig Crash Ejects Driver Out of Window

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hater +0 Points October 5, 2010

It was fortunate he wasn't masturbating at the time !

...... +0 Points October 4, 2010

if I was a MOD I'd just disable the comment's no one says anything smart anyway, they're all just saying random shit to cure their boredom.

*** +0 Points October 3, 2010


wow brooklyngod.... +0 Points October 3, 2010

Ofc he was shaken up. do you really need to leave such retraded comments? GOD DAMN IF I WAS A MOD...

dabi +0 Points October 3, 2010

No no ý now this wideo.they are turkish from istanbul.very comic.

First poster is a Moron +0 Points October 3, 2010

Its called a seat belt you moron , could have been worst ?? Must have been Mexican drivers

brooklyngod +0 Points October 3, 2010

wow, shit could have been worse and thank god it was not. like i say no harm, no foul. thats one tuff s.o.b. he was a bit shaken up but he maned up and walked it off. oh si


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