Big Hailstorm vs. Car Dealership Aftermath

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lilzook +0 Points August 9, 2010

the economy sucks were never gnna sell

22 +0 Points August 7, 2010

Never take ur chevy into a hail storm you will always lose.

KEV IS A DUMBASS!!! +0 Points August 6, 2010

Why would you brag about getting a 6 figure job with a college degree? I thought the whole point of going to college was to get a well paying job. Next time word your sentence better ie: "Try getting a job like that WITH a college degree."

_ +0 Points August 6, 2010

the window repairman best day of business.

kev +0 Points August 6, 2010

I fix that for a living! 6 figures! Try getting a job like that without college. Or even with a degree bitches!

shurik +0 Points August 6, 2010

don"t worry the US gov will print up[ some more $$ and bail them out again

Noob +0 Points August 6, 2010

@Jeep Driver

You realize that the hail that dropped were probably the size of an apple. At the rate that shit is descending from the sky, it could probably kill a person. Still at the end of the day Chevys suck.

Jeep Driver +0 Points August 6, 2010 you think Chevy needs to investigate possibly getting stronger back windows? If a fucking small chunk of hale can smash it, what will it do in a small rear-ender?

brooklyngod +0 Points August 6, 2010


The moral of the story? +0 Points August 6, 2010

Chevy: Made in China, assembled in America.

Thorn +0 Points August 6, 2010

Does that annoying chick no longer comment? Win

... +0 Points August 6, 2010

lol Noob taht was teh funnay.

Noob +0 Points August 6, 2010

Chevys suck. No big loss.


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