Big Brother Russia Is 1 Hour of Abusing Girls

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mike +0 Points September 20, 2010

whats up with puttin them in the shower

meat +0 Points September 17, 2010

take points over houston this week. oh, and russian cunt stinks.

-_- +0 Points September 17, 2010

sadly i am no stranger to the internet

13 +0 Points September 17, 2010

But I thought... " In soviet russia, the girls abuse you? "

. +0 Points September 17, 2010

Damn Russia...Damn...

Jesus +0 Points September 17, 2010

scene at 1:13 was fucking hilarious

darwin +0 Points September 17, 2010

I have developed a new respect for the Russian male. See all the fun you can have when you stop beating up each other and focus your rage on hot women. And stop crying, honey. It was only a simple assault.

lol +0 Points September 17, 2010

prolly not a good sign when they play soccer in the octagon

Marv +0 Points September 17, 2010

just retarded country

hmm +0 Points September 17, 2010

Can some one PLEASE tell me WF is wrong with russia, why the hell are all the people there so fucking stupid?!

brooklyngod +0 Points September 17, 2010

oh si


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