Beating Up The Slow Fat Kid Is Always Entertaining

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I agree. +0 Points February 14, 2010

The English are all wanker faggot asshole douchebag paki shaggers.

DaKrylonDon +0 Points February 1, 2010

best parts at 00:20 when he straight up tapdances on his fat ass... lol

bb +0 Points January 30, 2010

bullying and humiliation... a great way to create future murderers. I would never forget that.... and in another 10 years he would pay DEARLY!!

English limeys +0 Points January 30, 2010

Typical English sheep-shagging cowards

brooklyngod +0 Points January 30, 2010

what a pair of douche bags. un curly like conduct yo. oh si


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