Badass Knocks Two Drunk Idiots On Their Ass

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yoyomama +0 Points April 14, 2010

does wearing no shirt make u 10% tougher? ... obviously not lol faggots

Second Guy +0 Points April 12, 2010

2nd guy was too slow and drunk to realize what just happened to his buddy and what is about to happen to him. classic

damn +0 Points April 12, 2010

who cares if it was a sucker punch the dickhead got what he was looking for. Fuck skinny tattoo man. Ah the joys of spring break

FUCKING CHRIST +0 Points April 9, 2010

i guess if you idiots call that a sucker punch then you faggots dont know how to start a fight.

hahahah +0 Points April 9, 2010

BOOM HEADSHOT. That's a sick fucking left

yank fuck +0 Points April 9, 2010

"oi, thars nuffing wrung wit the short yawrbolls." This is what you dickless English sound like. Take the Australian balls out of your mouth before you speak to people.

fuck yanks +0 Points April 9, 2010

daft circumcised yanks. all fuckin idiots

Broham +0 Points April 8, 2010

Brahs, brahs! We need to stop this douche bag on douche bag violence.

ukking +0 Points April 8, 2010

why the shock over the sucker punch? That's how all pussy Americans fight.

lilzook +0 Points April 8, 2010

my new favorite video..he knocked them the fuck out..i love how the guy got back up and tried to act all hard

melton +0 Points April 8, 2010

dude, there was only one black guy. i bet his the pizza delivery dude. and wow, there should've contined to video. there was this hot chick at the end. pinhe good.

brooklyngod +0 Points April 8, 2010

this video had it all. funny as fuck commentary and 2 races working together as one lol. another instant classic shoosh time video. oh si

hah +0 Points April 8, 2010

what a bunch of inbred boers, lol

Dave +0 Points April 8, 2010

"Suckerpunch?!" What the fuck was he supposed to do? "Youre yelling at me sir? I challenge you to a duel!" and take his gaunlet off and slap the guy? cmon... they were asking for it

hmmmmmm +0 Points April 8, 2010

knocked the fuck out...

haha +0 Points April 8, 2010


kev +0 Points April 8, 2010

Where were the black guys? Oh, this was college. My bad!

mao +0 Points April 8, 2010

Boom! Boom! Boom! ahaha i love that commentary. Thats what you get for being hella skinny with tatoos.

geezus +0 Points April 8, 2010

Every mother fucker wearing their hat backwards and/or that got knocked the fuck out, is tyical of this pussified retarded generation. If you wear you're hat backwards, kill yourself.

huh +0 Points April 8, 2010

about 15 seconds of that video was actually worth watching... edit the fluff out!

Doc56 +0 Points April 8, 2010

Well the punches were weak the skinny tat boy with the baggy pants was funny but did any one notice the chicka in stripes rackage damn Spring break you gotta love it

No Sucker Punch +0 Points April 8, 2010

dudes were talking shit waiting for something to pop off becuse they wanted to look around and see how bad ass every one thought they were and got owned doesnt mean they got sucker punched.

Besides they had their shirts off act like a hard ass id d

SeniorSupieor +0 Points April 8, 2010

ha the idiot with tats thought he was a badass but that sucker punch was weaksauce

Pete - England +0 Points April 8, 2010

Thats one of the best vid's i've seen in ages!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! I love the way the lil gringo looking lad in the black tee, slowly edges closer and closer up towards him then BAM!!! BRILLIANT!!

jenko +0 Points April 8, 2010

they got exactly what they were lookin for, except they weren`t ready hahaha


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