Someone Told this Girl she's 'too fat' to Model

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Here2gawp +0 Points August 28, 2015

Maybe you should get rid of some of that shit you're full of.....

Kyrelel +0 Points August 27, 2015

Well done for standing up for yourself and decrying the unrealistic "standards" that the modelling/fashion world impresses on women. Time to wake up, people .. Ever notice how "supermodels" are always hotter AFTER they stop modelling and gain a few pounds?

it's the walking part +0 Points August 27, 2015

look at them bowed out legs

about time +0 Points August 26, 2015

welcome to the real world, skeletor.

duh +0 Points August 26, 2015

the modeling industry has higher standards than the general public, who knew

fdgddgd +1 Point August 26, 2015

'do porn then we will love you'

hahaha u made my day!

... but its true ]

Drtre2006 +0 Points August 26, 2015

do porn then we will love you

Sad Clown Deadpool +0 Points August 26, 2015

Oh boo hoo! Go to school and get a regular boring job like the rest of us ugly people. Emaciated bitch! Eat a fuckin sandwich too since your modeling is going nowhere.

darwin +0 Points August 26, 2015

Yup. She's a hippo alright. But then, I would have dated Karen Carpenter if she'd lost a few pounds.

lol -2 Points August 26, 2015

U look FINE baby, fuck them!

Jesus H +0 Points August 26, 2015

ya, and your right knee bows to the right!! We cant have that!! get the fuck off of the screen!!

y +0 Points August 26, 2015

yup they were right you fat whore, but you might have a chance in porn since youre an attention whore. you would do great in a gang bang

nick +1 Point August 26, 2015

uh huh, suuuuuuure they did


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