So this is what a REAL double orgasm looks like

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Anonymous +0 Points September 23, 2017

So like,Are there any more vids of yasmin?

sarahmw884 +0 Points September 22, 2017

87 lbs (39 kg) LOL...! This girl is not even skinny..! For sure this slut weights more than 120 lbs (54 kg)

Anonymous +0 Points March 1, 2017

Yea that's gotta be her

Anonymous +0 Points December 27, 2016

looks like Yasmin Zbari

Anonymous +0 Points September 10, 2016

anyway we can find a name for this bitch??

Anonymous +0 Points September 8, 2016

maan we need a name

Anonymous +0 Points September 7, 2016

still no name?? i need to see more of this girl!!

Anonymous +0 Points September 6, 2016

It's real. Watch as the clip continues how her neck and upper chest start to show show splotches of red -- that's what happens when a woman is really orgasming.

Anonymous +0 Points September 5, 2016

she just ate some unbelievable food.

Anonymous +0 Points September 3, 2016

anyone have a name?

Anonymous +0 Points September 1, 2016

Guess you guys never saw "When Harry Met Sally"

Anonymous +0 Points September 1, 2016



Anonymous +0 Points September 1, 2016

this is like "exquisite agony" so fucking hot

Anonymous +0 Points September 1, 2016

what is her name

STFU +0 Points September 1, 2016

I swear, she has a dick

anonjr. +0 Points September 1, 2016

She might as well been knitting for all I know. You can't see her hands+ she's not naked! What a waste

Anonymous +0 Points September 1, 2016



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