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She pretty much retired after this 'brutal' scene LOL: Delivery boy doesn't know WTF to do MILF fucking goes for it at... a car dealership? Waterboarding is a FETISH now? dis is not da whey She swears she can turn a gay man straight "did I really just suck off three of my friends?!" How DEEP can this 19Y/O take it? Until she cries

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Ever see this MILF's killer home video? I could watch this busty girl fuck all day FOLLOW ME TO FUCKING PARADISE Kaley Cuoco SLIPPIN Frat boy secretly films banging 2 teens She'll take on ANY cock you give to her ASS! ASS ASS! ASS ASS! ASS ASS!


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Anonymous +0 Points May 19, 2016

Who does get you doggy Maria José

Anonymous +0 Points February 6, 2016

Who is she then?

Anonymous +0 Points February 6, 2016

Anyone know where the full video is or what that dragon symbol is from, I think I know that girl

poopy pooperson +0 Points February 4, 2016

Reply to shiteverywhere..

Shame your Daddy didn't fuck your mommas shithole, you would be swimming in shit right now instead of posting shit on shoosh

Dude +0 Points February 3, 2016

Dude, seriously. Shut the fuck up about your fucking excrement fetish. Nobody gives a damn about it. Just keep it to yourself, you nasty POS. How about them apples?

Anonymous +1 Point February 3, 2016

To abortion; absolute classic

chrissanosbach +0 Points February 3, 2016

@STFU.....the lens......really!!?? And you're calling them idiots....

prdonja +0 Points February 3, 2016

how to download?

Anonymous +0 Points February 3, 2016


He's the abortion poster child +12 Points February 3, 2016

To shit everywhere, you haven't missed the train! More like a baby carriage, some idiotic kid infatuated with shit thinks he's funny. Little does he know everybody thinks he's a total cum stain that lives on this site waiting for his imaginary friends to respond.

Too bad his mother didn't give his father a blowjob instead the night he was conceived!!!!

Longtalltexan -2 Points February 3, 2016

Dude you need to learn how to fuck

Anonymous +0 Points February 3, 2016

viva las smalls cocks, fuck you bbcs go to hell

Anonymous +3 Points February 3, 2016

Shoosh - Porn, and comments about shitting on each video.

Shitbird +0 Points February 3, 2016

Imagine how she would moan if she got fucked by a guy with more than a 4 inch dick ??

STFU +1 Point February 3, 2016

No wonder that ass looks big with that fucking wide angle fish eye lens! Idiots

hitthatpussyfrombehind +3 Points February 3, 2016

well @blackdickwhitepussy, i guess you should get yourself a girl with a fat ass then. i can tell you...i have

shit everywhere +6 Points February 3, 2016

whats the deal with all the shit comments everywhere.

explain the train that i have missed

BlackDickWhitePussy -5 Points February 3, 2016

Hate it when guys with little dicks fucks a girl with a fat ass despite the race.

ric +0 Points February 3, 2016


Anonymous +1 Point February 3, 2016

My oh my what an ass... Way too much ass for this poor guy!!!


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