If this happened in real life, I'd lose my shit

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Anonymous +1 Point October 4, 2017

Abella danger

Anonymous +0 Points October 4, 2017

Dude is all sweaty and vinegary from hoopin probably got muddbutt and she's sucking his dick- nasty....

epsilon +1 Point October 4, 2017

girls name?

Johnny Rebel -1 Points October 4, 2017

Negros have more S.T.Ds than any other race.......hope she gets checked out by a doctor.

mike +0 Points October 5, 2017

@Johnny Rebel ...I looked it up and it is true. blacks do have a higher rate of stds than whites. That is a fact. like it or not.

JohnnyRebelSucks +0 Points October 5, 2017

@Johnny Rebel i'm not even black and i still think you're a fucking asshole. you're probably the one with all the STDs

Anonymous +1 Point October 4, 2017

@Johnny Rebel where are your facts to back that statement up. Or are you relying on your redneck dicksuckingary

Anonymous +1 Point October 4, 2017

Lmao you a bitch @Johnny Rebel

Anonymous +1 Point October 4, 2017

Stfu dickhead you just mad cause ya meat small @Johnny Rebel


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