"She's my sisters BFF. And it felt SO GOOD"

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  • Sometimes you gotta fuck the neighbor's wife
  • NO BS: Just 7 Mins of EXPLOSIVE Cumshots
  • REAL: MSU student caught on a teacher's dick
  • Best friends not giving ONE fuck in Walmart
  • How did she take it ALL up her ASS? PERFECT!
  • Dared her to take it up the ass in public and...
  • "Stepsister lost bet. So she had to jerk me off!"
  • Try all you want. You can't beat THIS girl's ass!
  • Every lover of anal sex NEEDS to see this video
  • NOSHAME: Slutty girl terrorizes nervous guys
  • BEFORE she was a pornstar, Stella was amazing
  • KILLER bod on this 19-year-old nymphomaniac
  • Did he just  bang.... the manager's daughter?!
  • "My Asian fuck buddy is better than yours"
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User Comments (10)

  • anonymous @ 12/30/16 08:56PMBest Comment
    Ethnic Pussy? Sorry bro but I have had sex with Latin girls and you can watch as much "ethnic" porn as you want but that pussy is definitely not an "attractive" looking Pussy. Not because it's the way that "ethnic" vaginas look like, but because that girl had been pounded and ravaged to many times by too many dudes. #Slut
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  • anonymous @ 12/30/16 04:48PM
    @ fuckchris he's not TRYING to be "built for porn" dumbass....he's simply laying some meat on a "...9.5..." hot Latin puss---(not"...pastrami..."@anonymous ). It's what ethnic pussy looks like dummy! Diversify your hit list and you'd see for yourself---and sharing with deviants who need to get their "shit together"and pipe and share some vid of their own ventures with a half as nice piece before criticizing Chris .
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  • "anony"mous @ 12/30/16 07:48AM
    This guy Chris must be loaded $$
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  • source @ 12/30/16 05:49AM
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  • anonymous @ 12/30/16 04:31AM
    Her face is good, but her pussy looks like a rotting pastrami sandwich. Just goes to show a pretty face doesn't always equate to a pretty puss.
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  • anonymous @ 12/30/16 03:41AM
    It felt so good because it's pussy! Being your sister bff has nothing to do with it
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  • anonymous @ 12/31/16 05:50AM
    5:04 dude turns into hitler
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  • anonymous @ 12/30/16 03:21AM
    So r u saying that u need a big dick to enjoy a video? Hahaha
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  • Fuckchris @ 12/30/16 02:05AM
    Are you serious? I couldnt even take this shit serious with a dick like that. He knows he isnt made for porn but he still manages to fuck a solid 9.5. Let the chick fuck some real dick. This was just sad. Get ur shit together chris
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