"My ex ALWAYS comes back to suck my dick"

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Anonymous +0 Points March 28, 2017

She fucking up she gives us Asian girls a bad name

Anonymous +0 Points March 10, 2017

Only because you always give her $20

Anonymous +0 Points March 3, 2017

This girl is rollin balls.. you see her jaw jumping when shees ain´t sucking thaht tooth pick ?

Anonymous +1 Point March 2, 2017

Replace the damn smoke alarm battery!!

Anonymous +1 Point March 2, 2017

5:06 - That face! Lol

Anonymous +1 Point March 2, 2017

Cuz your cock is so small, it's easy work for her! She stays at home with her current bf when she wants a proper fucking!

ugly girl? +0 Points March 2, 2017

What are you a homo?

Anonymous +0 Points March 2, 2017

ugly girl

Harriet Tubgirl +0 Points March 2, 2017

Give me name or give me death


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