Flexible and Asian: This is the fuck buddy you want

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Anonymous +0 Points October 19, 2017

yes name please.

Anonymous +0 Points October 19, 2017


Anonymous +0 Points October 19, 2017

lol, i don't usually comment on crap but this sex was weak as hell. the advertising on the side was hotter. some awkward guy with a weak dick tried to fuck a girl that was limp as a fish. i'm out.

Anonymous +0 Points October 19, 2017

What a doll..........I'll take her....!!

Tiny Tot +0 Points October 18, 2017

WOW what a thin skinny...dick!! Asian chick too LOL!! Somebody should clue her in...her "audience" ain't paying to see that loser schmuck she's banging!! Better not be giving that dork a 50% cut of the $$$!! If that troll is her BF...better kick that loser to the curb Stat!! If dumbo has to do Chaturbate porn to make $$$ you don't want him honey!!

Anonymous +0 Points October 19, 2017

@Tiny Tot yeah, well he is banging her and you are....well jerkin off to him banging her,,,lol who's the loser

Panty dropper +0 Points October 18, 2017

Ur gay like literally @Tiny Tot

Anonymous +0 Points October 18, 2017

I banged her once... then banged her 5 more times that hour.

Greg Arious +0 Points October 18, 2017

Sure you did...keep telling yourself that you Large DB!! What kind of low life idiot would waste their time posting such an idiotic foolish note??

Panty dropper +0 Points October 18, 2017

Seriously lol looser @Greg Arious


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