FINALLY! A Thailand escort with a real body!

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Anonymous +0 Points October 28, 2017

This is a filipino girl not thai

jacquelinevv259 +0 Points September 22, 2017

is that piper perri?

Anonymous +0 Points November 17, 2016

FINALLY! A Thailand escort without a penis!

Die Mexicans Die +0 Points November 14, 2016

Fuck Mexicans! They should go back to their puta country and stay there.

Anonymous +1 Point November 14, 2016

yes stick you thumb up her ass not your cock. where is her penis?

Anonymous +0 Points November 14, 2016

Andorman Loads of people get caught up in the moment thinking they will be ok. I barebacked a few thai girls 20 years ago and luckily didnt catch anything. Now days I always wrap up.

Suicidal +1 Point November 14, 2016

andorman - Please tell me you aren't really that stupid in thinking these are real prostitutes

Anonymous +1 Point November 14, 2016

They usually both get tested before filming.

andorman -2 Points November 14, 2016

I have just one question.....These guys, tourists, whatever.....they go over to Thailand, Bangkok, wherever, fuck these prostitutes, AND THEY DONT USE A CONDOM? Are they fucking whacky or what?


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