Asian Gang Strip Girl Nude And Beat Her Without Mercy

The part where they even get her to beat herself up really puts this on another level. Peer pressure has changed since I was in school.

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User Comments (20)

  • junaid @ 12/09/10 06:47AM
    like porn
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  • CORE @ 11/05/10 05:22PM
    the way she just took it and took it really made it seem like in one way or another she knew she had it coming
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  • Ich @ 01/19/10 09:47AM
    0 1
  • paulo @ 07/31/09 03:37AM
    bando de filha da puta, essas vacas não tem o q fazer, bando de puta!!! tira esse video horrivel o site
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  • OMG @ 07/16/09 06:32AM
    is this real,this is fucking shock if it is real
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  • jw @ 05/17/09 01:43PM
    this is aweful. take it off.
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  • bob @ 05/01/09 03:06AM
    nice vid. would like to see more like this
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  • ya @ 03/16/09 04:55PM
    ok if you would just let something like that happen to you to get into some fag gang you deserve the cunt beating kicks to the crotch. yer stupid for joining a gang in the first place
    0 1
  • Fake Diploma @ 09/23/08 05:08PM
    ×î¸ßÖÊÁ¿µÄ¼ÙÎÄƾ/ÎÄƾ£¬¼Ùѧλ/¶È£¬¼ÙÖ¤Êé/Ö¤Êé/ÈÏÖ¤£¬¼ÙÈ«ÎÄ/Ìܱ¾µÄ´óѧ£¬Ñ§Ôº£¬Ã³Ò×ѧУ£¬¼¼Ð££¬Ö°ÒµÑ§Ð££¬¸ßÖУ¬Ã³Ò×£¬Ñ§Ð£ºÍÆäËû£¡ h t t p : / / w w w . d i p l o m a r e p l a c e m e n t s e r v i c e . c o m s u p p o r t @ d i p l o m a p r i n t
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  • nick @ 09/21/08 03:41PM
    this is no gang initiation, i read several stories on it from china media, this naked girl was trash talkin on the internet, they tracked her down at a internet cafe, 7 girls took her to a motel and beat her for 10 minutes, then called there guy friends t
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  • dood @ 09/07/08 10:00AM
    she has some nice titties though!
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  • boo @ 09/07/08 05:18AM
    typical,asian fucking wankers
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  • damn @ 09/05/08 03:26PM
    thats some evil shit
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  • kev @ 09/04/08 04:47PM
    If you're in a gang and reading this, I wish I could meet your gay gang and whip all your punk asses!
    0 1
  • the beast @ 09/04/08 11:32AM
    if this ever went down in my least one of those girls would of got knocked the fuck out
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  • Sin chi gao bai long @ 09/04/08 09:35AM
    Then that's when the girl kicks her down. After that, they are like "Ok, let her up, let her up." At the end, the girl is on the floor and not moving, the guy goes "I think you knocked her out...knock out, knock out, knock out~"
    0 1
  • Sin chi gao bai long @ 09/04/08 09:33AM
    This video is a gang initiation. The girls in the beginning are like "are you going to back down? What? *slap slap slap*" The guys in the back are like "Oh come on, what are we even doing here?"
    0 1
  • lang @ 09/04/08 03:04AM
    Smart move to start slapping yourself. Maybe it'll scare em off... Or wait...
    0 1
  • guy @ 09/04/08 01:22AM
    thats pretty fucked up
    0 1
  • ray @ 09/04/08 12:17AM
    is this an gang iniatiion?
    0 1