Asian Acrobats Put On Most Amazing Show Ever

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fags +0 Points September 13, 2010

a bunch of slant eyes in spiky blue leotards? you serious? the fuck is this

Parasite +0 Points April 29, 2010

Wow. I will never be as good at anything as they are at that.

brooklyngod +0 Points April 28, 2010

impressive indeed. oh si

boog +0 Points April 28, 2010


FAGS... +0 Points April 28, 2010

all this guys commenting here are a bunch of closet cases ...


nuff said

capt obvious +0 Points April 28, 2010

I do kind of feel bad knowing that these people had no choice in selecting to do this...

darwin +0 Points April 28, 2010

OOOO....I just felt a sudden twinge of gayness.

ew +0 Points April 28, 2010

It should a have been a girl only act

lol +0 Points April 28, 2010

"fuck up and die" lol and lilzook get a gf first then talk about dicks, homo

Hey lilzook +0 Points April 28, 2010

You would know they lack size, you and your mom have sucked enough, to notice the difference.

Nat +0 Points April 28, 2010

Now if they could only offer their people political freedom.

lilzook +0 Points April 28, 2010

where they lack in penis size..they make up for it with things like this..


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