Another Wannabe Freerunner Cracks His Nuts

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first +0 Points May 14, 2010


melton +0 Points May 13, 2010

good video quality. pinche good.

lolz +0 Points May 12, 2010

Truly epic.

umm +0 Points May 12, 2010

that was art

lol +0 Points May 12, 2010


joesph brown +0 Points May 11, 2010

What good yallll I won't to play text me yalll 201238 9549 +0 Points May 11, 2010

what good yallll

brooklyngod +0 Points May 11, 2010

meh. oh si

xKr0wnx +0 Points May 11, 2010

Now he got 2 ballsacks. Whats wrong with that?

Epp +0 Points May 11, 2010

Good thing he missed his nuts!

damn +0 Points May 11, 2010

That hurt my nuts just watching it

Eh +0 Points May 11, 2010

He should be fine...the bench looks like it hits the back of his right leg...

hahahhaha +0 Points May 11, 2010

that was some funny nut cracking. one of the best. lol

really? +0 Points May 11, 2010

Epic fail

geebee +0 Points May 11, 2010



Alvin da Chipmonk +0 Points May 11, 2010

Some one que up the nut cracker sweet tune

Ehh +0 Points May 11, 2010

Someone give him a movie deal

jack meof +0 Points May 11, 2010

An icepack to the balls for a good 55 minutes and his nuts will be good as gold

lilzook +0 Points May 11, 2010

that bench must was having a bad day..


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