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.. +0 Points September 12, 2007

demon spawn!!

FUCK! +0 Points August 30, 2007

Kick that fucking thing

the dog.... +0 Points August 17, 2007

kinda fucking sounds like a suped up car xD xD xD xD

LOL +0 Points August 17, 2007

charlie HAHA but wouldnt it be PETofile? eh i dono

bollocks +0 Points August 16, 2007

it tap that ass

hahaha +0 Points August 16, 2007

it\'s funny b/c that guy does look like a pedo and he momentarily \"played the guitar\" with his dogs wang

Charlie +0 Points August 15, 2007

He\'s pissed off cause he knows after bath time comes free willie time in the poop shoot with mr. pedofile wack off my dog while I dry him.


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