The Machine anally destroys an 'innocent virgin'

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teen +0 Points March 2, 2017

Anonymous +1 Point October 18, 2016

6:20 (girl joking) i'm going to the police... 6:40 only one finger... (pierre) you can be the boss, (girl) only one... (p) no 2 is better... 7:36 - again? no its clean... 7:45 - open your legs slut 8:07- good slut 8:014 - did i piss myself? no its squirt... 8:24 - open wide and look at me, stay stay you have to learn

Anonymous +1 Point October 18, 2016

4:45 you're here to be in hole for my cock (she laugh because he cant find his word), 5:00 makes you laugh? show your face when ur laughing 5:30 - he finally stop talking .... #fml 6:00i'm dreaming your all wet... but no, she doesnt like it hehehe

Anonymous +1 Point October 18, 2016

3:15 where my cock - (girl)i'm my ass - whats ur age? 20?, 3:40 youre here to get your virgin ass fuck, 4:00 im fucking you because you're a lil slutty, i can do wathever i want.

Anonymous +1 Point October 18, 2016

1:00-1:10 - feels good, 1:30 - 1:40 - girl: no no no stop - no its feel good, its all in..., 1:50 - 2:30 - your ass is soo good, your such a lil slut, 2:30 - 3:15 - trying to set the camera,

not me +1 Point October 18, 2016

0:00-0:10 - don't worry my friends are gone

0:20-0:30 - put some in my ass / don't worry about it

0:30 - 0:40 - step back, damn thats hot

0:40 - 0:50 - i want to see your lil slut face, it's a special day...

0:50 - 0:60 - fuck your ass like a lil whore, like a little dog

Nice +0 Points October 18, 2016

Oui oui!! Pepe' le pew.

Cockblock +1 Point October 18, 2016

Pierre Woodman. The laugh and retarded chant during the nutting gives that short, fat, hairy, Faggot ass chatte away.

Anonymous +0 Points October 18, 2016

Can enyone translate whats hes saying?

anonkneemous +0 Points October 18, 2016

Has to be machine, too hairy to be human

Anonymous +0 Points October 18, 2016

who is she?

STFU +1 Point October 18, 2016

@Enraged Dad.

Sue yourself dipshit for being a shit dad raising a whore for a daughter

Anonymous +0 Points October 18, 2016

destroyed, hell nah. that's the way she likes it!

Enraged Dad +0 Points October 18, 2016

That is my daughter ffs! I will sue this filth site.

Anonymous +0 Points October 18, 2016

destroyed? she didn't even appear challanged


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