LOL: Rookie pornstar can't handle anal sex

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valeriegk124 +0 Points September 22, 2017

Weekend off with the hubby, and we woke up hungover with our beautiful neighbor who spent the night after a little house party. What better way to kick off the weekend than to introduce her to Shoosh! And the fun begins! Hehe!

Anonymous +0 Points February 19, 2017

Should've just stuck another cock in her mouth to keep her quiet! Use her tears for more lubrication and go right back in deeper and harder!

Anonymous +0 Points February 19, 2017

Says the man who's obviously never felt the tightness of a girls asshole wrapped around his cock!

Anonymous +1 Point February 19, 2017

Guys f so obsessed with going up girls shit chutes!!!

I think it's a gay thing. The vag is perfectly fine for me besides who what's shit on their dick-not me!!!!

Anonymous +0 Points February 19, 2017

i want to get pounded

Anonymous +0 Points February 19, 2017

They did pounded that asshole


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