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tamraiy120 +0 Points September 22, 2017


Anonymous +0 Points September 14, 2017

this guy is infatuated with himself lol

Anonymous +0 Points January 24, 2017

...if she did not eat so much junk food like the rest of the women in the U.S. . , she would not have needed a breast reduction.

Anonymous +0 Points January 12, 2017

she ain't that old she's just a porker

Anonymous +0 Points September 27, 2016

Tit reduction scars, and she's still huge.

Anonymous +0 Points September 25, 2016

shut your mouth you fucker, that's not a gay video

the girl is nice and we don't give a shit about you

Anonymous +0 Points September 25, 2016

Scars like that on her boobs are from a breast reduction surgery, and they seem all real with no replacement implants either

shit +0 Points September 25, 2016

my shit is better

That's Frankensteen! +0 Points September 25, 2016


neverready +1 Point September 25, 2016

She must of had her tit job done by Dr. Frankenstein

Anonymous -2 Points September 25, 2016

Ewww, nastiest titties I've seen in a long time!

Anonymous +0 Points September 25, 2016

its a shame he didn't fuck the fat off of her

Anonymous -1 Points September 25, 2016



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