"YES, she is my best friend. No, I DON'T care!"

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Anonymous +0 Points April 9, 2016

I don't understand italian but I think she is sucking off her best friend's boyfriend. It doesn't make sense otherwise. Why would she say "I don't care" about sucking off her own best friend?

@Whytisvid +1 Point April 8, 2016

You forgot this at the end of your name *- Whythisvidsopopular

Whythisvidsopopular +1 Point April 8, 2016

193k views? There must be some viewer who knows why. Write it down on the comment section. It's free! YYYYY! Is she a Cam girl? A popular YT star? Instagram star? A gamer? Who is she? WHY? The video is too short,she's not a great beauty, she doesn't get naked, he doesn't finish, therefore no facial. I don't get it! SMH

Anonymous +0 Points August 7, 2017

@Whythisvidsopopular because She is Well know in our city....

Italianboy +0 Points April 8, 2016

They are italians.

Ravi Shankar +0 Points April 7, 2016

David0175 +0 Points April 7, 2016

Sock56 +0 Points April 7, 2016

anonymous2112 +0 Points April 7, 2016

115k views? I don't get it. Is she Famous? What's her name?

Anonymous +0 Points April 6, 2016


Anonymous +0 Points April 6, 2016

put the all video

Anonymous +1 Point April 6, 2016

Love a friend who helps a guy out.

MaryCamgirl +2 Points April 6, 2016

Because it avenges the friend-zoned guys LOLO

anonymous2112 +0 Points April 6, 2016

This video has 22k views? Why? Just because it is the first video? I don't get it. I agree with anon(at 12:40am)

Anonymous +0 Points April 6, 2016

i would give anything for a friend like that

Anonymous +1 Point April 6, 2016

this video is shit


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