Want a REALLY dirty girl? You gotta go to Europe


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ella43306 +0 Points September 22, 2017

Lipstick ruins it

jessicaet288 +0 Points September 22, 2017

How is this a leak when she sells these tapes on her Snapchat?

Im_OnTop +0 Points September 8, 2017

The poor bed has to suffer, creaking like hell it must..! And why on earth is the video stopping right in the middle of his cumshot..? BAD..!

Ken +0 Points September 8, 2017

'Cant wait to fuck you hard' zero hard fucking.

Anonymous +0 Points September 8, 2017

piper perri sure loves cartman

Anonymous +0 Points September 9, 2017

@Anonymous fuck you

Anonymous +0 Points September 8, 2017

WHere pc culture is much more rampant? Nah...ill stick to masturbating to American women.

Anonymous +0 Points September 8, 2017

@Anonymous huh? fuck you yankee. PC culture? We invented those nazis your retarded president loves so much.

Anonymous +0 Points September 8, 2017

@Anonymous :''D "We invented those nazis..." got to be the best comment that's been on here for a while Piper Perri would be proud.

Anonymous +0 Points September 8, 2017

Love for Cartman extends to all corners of the planet

Anonymous +0 Points September 8, 2017

Its like europe is a country... dumb fucks

Anonymous +0 Points September 8, 2017

@Anonymous Exactly!! Fucking 'mericans world view is that of an nursery school kid

Anonymous +0 Points September 8, 2017

1:55 good job laptop


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