TOO BIG: BBC made her tap out in 60 seconds

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april7s161 +0 Points September 22, 2017

This comment has been deleted

AssGAZ +0 Points February 1, 2017

Once you go black, you'll never go back !

Anonymous +0 Points November 12, 2016

Anonymous +1 Point October 12, 2016

She was good clearly. Most likely too big for her asshole

Anonymous +0 Points September 25, 2016

Yep no big dick here just an average size like 6 inches WTF wrong title

Anonymous +0 Points September 22, 2016

fucking coal burners. I shut it off as soon as I saw the shit dick

Anonymous +1 Point September 21, 2016

Everybody hatin on the black dude cause the girl is Incredible. Stay mad guys.

Ice is an idot +0 Points September 19, 2016

@Ice, that is not an average sized dick lol fail at small dick shaming

lol -2 Points September 19, 2016

Fucking an APE

Ice -1 Points September 19, 2016

1) That is an average sized dick. Small for a "BBC". She also seems really small framed.

2) While she is cute, she seems to be really dumb with her choice in partner. Sounds like an Ape... I hope she is getting paid at least.

3) dude cant even record right.

Happy Viewing!

Anonymous -1 Points September 19, 2016

If that's a big dick to her, she'll run like hell away from mine....

Anonymous +1 Point September 19, 2016

where was the big dick?

locomoco +0 Points September 19, 2016

h.tml5 not found

Bernie +0 Points September 19, 2016

So who is she goddammit?!!!

Anonymous -1 Points September 19, 2016

She is cute, but not very smart, since she makes bad life choices


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