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cindyys974 +0 Points September 22, 2017

Did Efuct get rid of their comment section?(already-so soon?-they just started-is it because i have AB?

bruhoner +1 Point February 5, 2017

her name is cherrybarbiexxx you can also search "Barbies of Fremont Street" her and her crew fuck for money in las vegas.

The Wise Guy +0 Points February 4, 2017

Cant watch, cant download... what the shit

piipomx +0 Points February 4, 2017

Video file not found (

Anonymous +0 Points February 4, 2017

Won't load on mobile, have to click download...

Anonymous +0 Points February 3, 2017

network error. Leaving.

Anonymous +0 Points February 3, 2017

Midget dick

Anonymous +1 Point February 3, 2017

Videos are downloading at a snail's pace... please tweak your servers back to what they were, they were fine for me a few days ago


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