The Diary of a Girlfriend Addicted to Rough Sex

Redheaded amateur lives up to the soulless stereotype like no other ginger before her. Duct tape, whips, punched in the fucking face - this girl DOES IT ALL.

  • The 'popular girl' just got busted in a porn vid
  • "My mother got drunk... and it just happened"
  • He'll bang your little sister... AND FILM IT TOO
  • "That sounds means she's cumming, right?"
  • "You wouldnt have lasted 30 seconds with this"
  • "But daddy, you can't put your penis in me!"
  • I still don't know which hole was the TIGHTEST
  • With THAT body, I'd bang her anywhere too!
  • AMAZING: Virgin Blows Away Veteran Pornstar
  • 2 Friends Take Turns Slamming Girl on TINDER
  • How to MAKE a Prostitute Earn ALL Her Money
  • Open-minded girl lets friend suck her BFs dick
  • "ur boyfriend is RIGHT THERE, we cant do this"
  • STACKED and NERDY: Her best sex tape yet
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User Comments (9)

  • anonymous @ 12/04/16 08:43AM
    I think they are awesome and video was very good
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  • anonymous @ 11/25/16 05:14PM
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  • anonymous @ 09/19/16 05:39PM
    If dude does not wife her he's a damn fool.
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  • anonymous @ 12/21/15 06:41AM
    She looks bored. I bet she wishes that she was doing her nails right now.
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  • anonymous @ 11/23/15 04:37AM
    50 shades of gray?!!
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  • In love @ 08/07/15 05:14AM
    Where can i get one of those?
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  • WiseSeeker @ 08/06/15 03:51PM
    ...I don't think people realize how rare this is. These two ran a tumblr (sex_with_ared_head or something) a while back that was shut down. A couple of their vids are notorious in kink communities. To see (i think) almost all their videos in one place at one time....that's like some Dragon Ball finding shit right there.
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  • bigjoey1 @ 08/06/15 06:51AM
    True love right here. Nice!
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