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Anonymous +0 Points April 21, 2016

I almost pity the commenters here. You haven't seen pussy in such a long time you forgot how one looks likes.

Anonymous +0 Points April 20, 2016

Dayum, that is one meaty, beat up pussy. Has she been fucking baseball bates? Really cute girl though, would love to fuck her.

Ice cream lover +0 Points April 20, 2016

Her pussy looks like a Choco Taco

Anonymous -1 Points April 20, 2016

Piper Perri

"C" +1 Point April 20, 2016

He could fuck her in the pouring rain and keep dry

sunny28b +0 Points April 20, 2016

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sexyalllday +0 Points April 20, 2016

that is a nasty ass looking pussy...she has beef curtains!

Anonymous +0 Points April 20, 2016

That pussy is a total wreck. The rest of her is hot as fuck, but don't look down!

Anonymous +1 Point April 20, 2016

If her cooch is that big at "18" then somewhere in the house is a 3 foot dido or her neighbor is an NBA player

anonymous2112 +1 Point April 20, 2016

@2:20- @4:24- But overall this video is--

Anonymous +0 Points April 20, 2016

with a puss like that, she is getting smashed when that dude is at work

Basil +1 Point April 20, 2016

Elephant ears F'n hell I wouldn't be complaining. She is bangin hot.

Anonymous +0 Points April 20, 2016

Her pussy looks like it has elephant ears. Pro tip: surgery.

Anonymous +0 Points April 20, 2016

Hate the Big Bang theory

Bill +0 Points April 20, 2016

nice camera angles


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