Hooking His Friend Up with a HOT College Girl


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Anonymous +0 Points April 18, 2016

LOL @ See Doctor or Gay --- He could also have been really nervous, reducing blood flow to extremities, including the penis.

ThePearPicker +1 Point April 18, 2016

Taylor S (on College Rules and SubmitYourBitch - possibly this video)

Rachel (on Model Amateur 2 from Shane's World; Going down on the Runway from Brandi Belle)

...see Taylor S on Pornhub.

Fill yerrr boots

Anonymous +0 Points April 18, 2016


anonymous2112 +1 Point April 18, 2016

Rain Man my ass! I complained+ SHOOSH listened. The First 9 videos are Back! Videos(boxes above) 1,3,5,7,9,11,13+14 are all SHOOSH videos. Put your hand on the videos above the numbered videos+ click. You will directly go to the video.(without ever clicking on the Home Page) Lets hope SHOOSH keeps it this way.

Leroy +0 Points April 18, 2016

She half black?

bill +0 Points April 18, 2016

that was shit

westtexascane +0 Points April 18, 2016


Anonymous +0 Points April 18, 2016

Wow, that girl has a great body and a very good attitude.

Anonymous +4 Points April 18, 2016

3+ minutes of blowjob and he still wasn't even hard. This guy should either see a doctor or embrace his life as a gay man.


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