Hipster Girlfriend Has a Body I'd NEVER Deny


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You're gonna cum fast I fell in love. TWICE That body made her girlfriend of the day! RIGHT BEHIND HER MOTHER?! FAMILY ROAD TRIP "MY DAUGHTER'S SLEEPOVER" UNFORGETTABLE


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Anonymous +0 Points January 21, 2017

Please find a name

Anonymous +0 Points December 9, 2016

Wtf is her name?

Anonymous +0 Points June 14, 2016

Without a doubt this is the worst open I have ever watched. he couldn't even keep it up?! Next.

Anonymous +0 Points June 14, 2016

shoosh I am soooo disappointed in you and your love of fat chicks

Anonymous +1 Point June 14, 2016

My favorite part about this video was taking half an hour to watch it

Anonymous +0 Points June 14, 2016

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westtexascane +1 Point June 14, 2016

I haven't yet but have had this issue for a while now. I have the iPhone 6 and will try the upgrade tonight. Hope it works thanks David

Anonymous +0 Points June 14, 2016

Need a name. She's fantastic

Anonymous +0 Points June 14, 2016

Yea Anton have an android cause it won't let me watch anything on this anymore. Says error loading media. File could not be found.

anyonesmouse2112 +1 Point June 14, 2016

I couldn't watch this video. Way too much Buffering. I don't want Bufferin I want Bayer aspirin. Seriously, this was unwatchable in DL. The good news is the way it looks when you write a comment looks great. I don't know why Shoosh can't keep it this way. The letters look bolder+ bigger. Oh well, onto the next video. I hope it's(buffering) is not a trend today.

STFU +1 Point June 14, 2016

WFT... She was asking to be fucked in the fudge department and the faggot didn't do it... LAMEEE!!!

Anonymous +0 Points June 14, 2016

2 for 1.........flaccid and nasty uncut........ its a shame because she is righteous

Shoosh +0 Points June 14, 2016

Anyone know her name?

westtexascane +0 Points June 14, 2016

Does anybody have trouble accessing your favorites under your profile with iPhone? Can't view my collection anymore for some time now?


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