Girlfriend giving bad head? SLAP HER SILLY!

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Anonymous +0 Points July 7, 2017

She should have punched this fuckin asshole in his nuts

Anonymous +0 Points April 25, 2016

Oh for anyone trying to find out who she is, some hero posted on another video that her name is comfiecozie, she's a camwhore. Not many free vids of her, and this is the only one I saw of her with an actual cock so...

Anonymous +0 Points April 18, 2016

Awesome vid. He's an idiot, if she wants to be slapped fuck her up. How the hell can he not tell when she's jerking her head and moving her eyes like that it's time to slap the bitch. Wasted girl on him, but she gives a great BJ.

Anonymous +0 Points April 11, 2016

Her name is Comfiecozie on MFC

the4kira +0 Points April 8, 2016

who is this goddess?*_*

Anonymous +0 Points April 8, 2016

menudo hijo de la gran puta cobarde. monton de mierda pegar asi a una chica. bastard

Anonymous +0 Points April 8, 2016

Bad head We watching the same video??

Anonymous +0 Points April 8, 2016

Gotta wonder about the wisdom, of slapping a face that has teeth that near your cock.

Timmy +0 Points April 8, 2016

I'm circumcised

Anonymous +0 Points April 8, 2016

best part of the video "We need a signal because you're not slapping me enough" "You need to slap me more"

Moe Howard +1 Point April 8, 2016

"I love this video!"

"C" +1 Point April 8, 2016

Mr Wizard slapping the shit out of her while she's got his dick in her mouth? Stupid cunt could have put an end to that REAL quick, just give him a little tip........

Anonymous +0 Points April 8, 2016

why circumcision? because you fuck up your sensitivity ?

Anonymous +0 Points April 8, 2016

What is her name

Anonymous +0 Points April 8, 2016

What is her name? She's good!

Anonymous +0 Points April 8, 2016

Who is she?

Anonymous +0 Points April 8, 2016

No need for a circumcision

TheMan +0 Points April 8, 2016

Get a god damn circumcision dude..


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