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Anonymous +0 Points October 7, 2015

am i the only one offended by the background music?!!?!?

Anonymous -1 Points October 6, 2015

I believe he gave up. She was doing her best and he had alot to work with! Tool!

space +0 Points October 5, 2015

amateur do it better

Ratso Rizzo +1 Point October 5, 2015

For those interested in song @ 10:35-Still Fighting It by Ben Folds Five.(2001)

LivesayD6 +0 Points October 2, 2015

She's packin all right packing a thick fucking bush! Nice tits tho!

Jerry +1 Point October 2, 2015

I was making a Seinfeld reference. Darwin is Newman. I guess he's not a fan of Seinfeld. Why do you think I used quotes. I am not interested in getting best comment. I was just trying to have some fun. You guys take things way too seriously.

Anonymous +0 Points October 2, 2015

Clorox for later

Coolio +0 Points October 2, 2015

What a fucking waste this tool doesn't even know how to bang this hot piece of ass

juanhunglow +1 Point October 2, 2015

am I the only one offended by this generations pimp striped beard?

DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS -1 Points October 2, 2015

Hey Jerry......looks like you pissed off Darfag BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO BEST COMMENT FOR YOU piss pot jerry

Piss pot jerry -1 Points October 2, 2015

Hey Darwin, your stalker is back. Apparently that cocksucker has a REAL HARD ON for you🍆 luckily it's only 2 inches long

Jerry -1 Points October 2, 2015

"Hello Darwin"

Anonymous +0 Points October 2, 2015

This chick is drunk as fuck yo

The Phoenix -1 Points October 2, 2015

A little behind in making lunch

darwin +3 Points October 2, 2015

Bet she doesn't wash the counter before she makes his lunch.

Dooshtime +1 Point October 2, 2015

Sweet wristband bro...

Bet your girlfriend wore phat farms.

Anonymous +1 Point October 2, 2015


tbird722 +1 Point October 2, 2015

Classy.....what is it with kitchens?

Anonymous +1 Point October 2, 2015

Whats her name tara right? Lets get a real name and links they have a bunch of videos some super good

Anonymous -1 Points October 2, 2015

weak as fuck


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