Alcohol Fueled Spring Break Fight Ends Real Bad

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God +0 Points August 16, 2010

CHuck you a muthafuckin cunt.

you just talk racist ttrash online. i bet a black guy would knock your sorry redneck out you fat fucker.

lmaoooo +0 Points August 16, 2010


who throws a chair? +0 Points May 23, 2010

like, really

horsedonk +0 Points May 8, 2010


DoGG +0 Points April 30, 2010

I don't care what anyone says, someone needs to knock that bitch out!

srt4 +0 Points April 29, 2010

2black guys vs 400 kracker ass white boys!black guys for teh WIN!

dsm +0 Points April 29, 2010

no balls nigers

dsm +0 Points April 29, 2010

fucking nigers!!!

wise up +0 Points April 29, 2010

this is hardly a race fight. There are a couple of black guys at the end trying to help the white guy on the floor. Oh and Chuck, as a white guy, you fucking disgust me. Get your head out of your ass you fucking moron. You need to be knocked the fuck out.

typical white trash trolls on internet +0 Points April 29, 2010

droppin n bombs when it was white dudes from jersey startin it. Nothing but fat white pussy racist on the internet.

brooklyngod +0 Points April 28, 2010

could be or it may not be. oh si

ahh +0 Points April 28, 2010

wheres a gun when you need one forreal

Kool-Aid Man +0 Points April 28, 2010

That dude int he white was knocking people out left and right. I was waiting for the Kool-Aid man to burst through the wall and tag team with him. Ohhhh yeah.

Doc56 +0 Points April 28, 2010

Brought back memories of my days as a bouncer and by the way "please stop & let go" never ever worked you need to beat the hell out of em bt the brain buster in the street was great looked like "Spoogie & The Constpation were taken a beating "

Go fuck yourself +0 Points April 28, 2010

Fuck them all regardless of their color you cunts

fuck yeah!! +0 Points April 28, 2010

just when i though the video was over blam!! dude in white drops a bomb on some unsuspecting sucker. then chairs are flying and knockin people out in the street. where were the fuckin police?? this has got to be mexico or somethin

lilzook +0 Points April 28, 2010

da fcuk"?? and they wonder why they passed the law to keep immagrants out of the USA


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