A Whole Lot of Complete Motorcycle Fails

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Miss Perfect +0 Points September 2, 2010

Perfect US moron attitude. When you see this, you realise how close to Russians red necks are.

Mister Perfect +0 Points August 31, 2010

I define perfection.

mr perfect +0 Points August 31, 2010


blah +0 Points August 31, 2010

risk vs reward. i think the risk way out weighs the reward

old +0 Points August 31, 2010

The same clips...over and over and over. when are we gonna get some new vids like this.seen all this shit

321 +0 Points August 31, 2010

They should just start calling these things Murdercycles. I swear every Year in our Town or the nearest one has a couple of Deaths every Summer.

very nice +0 Points August 31, 2010

the last one was pretty sweet

Noob +0 Points August 31, 2010

Poor motorcycles =(


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