A King of Modern Dance Shares His Secrets

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Truki +0 Points September 13, 2010

Ooooo man ce he dance...nice moves fag!!! LoL

rat +0 Points August 27, 2010

rancid fat fucking fag freak fuck.....

umm +0 Points August 23, 2010

but he can fuck in the ass

o no +0 Points August 23, 2010

you silly fagget

Cheryl +0 Points August 23, 2010

Two things, see the treadmill behind you, fucking use it!! And don't eat me!

umm +0 Points August 23, 2010

LOL gross

x +0 Points August 23, 2010

kid got some nice moves there..................................

... +0 Points August 21, 2010

Is this real?? It is??

Lol +0 Points August 21, 2010

Finally someone with a sense of Humor is on here. Nice...

Zookeeper +0 Points August 21, 2010

Future Tosh Web redemption!!!

Enough +0 Points August 21, 2010

Spike - practce this - "Sse ssells ssea ssells bys the ssea ssore". Just another cock loving cam whore

CCCP +0 Points August 21, 2010

мудак кончиный!

So fucking fake +0 Points August 21, 2010


Dear Lord +0 Points August 21, 2010

Any one watching after 1:24 and the crotch shot is now under homo suspision

boy +0 Points August 21, 2010


obvious troll +0 Points August 21, 2010

...is obvious. dude playing a character

bit too much +0 Points August 21, 2010

touching of the weiner

Toro +0 Points August 21, 2010

Funny shit. Gay but funny!

13 +0 Points August 21, 2010

Very disturbing yet compelling, I must be really baked now.

Noob +0 Points August 21, 2010

What in the fuck is this?

brooklyngod +0 Points August 21, 2010

instant priceless classic shoosh time video. oh si


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