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Jaye Summers

Hands Down this is Her Best Sex Tape to Date

Hands Down this is Her Best Sex Tape to Date

Jaye is fucking HOT. Now imagine how much hotter she would be straddled on the bed in front of you, just begging you to take her to new orgasmic heights.
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Jayes Vacation Fucking is a Must-see Sex Tape

Jayes Vacation Fucking is a Must-see Sex Tape

Part 4 in a series of unadulterated POV sex. You can catch up HERE if you're just joining the Jaye Summers hype train now. Welcome to the bookmark club.
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Beautiful Jaye's Vacation Creampie is Awesome

Beautiful Jaye's Vacation Creampie is Awesome

First night of the first day and she's already taking it in the pee hole. Completely expected when you're left alone for more than 5 minutes with this super cutie.
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GF Jaye Summers Woken up and Creampied

GF Jaye Summers Woken up and Creampied

"Wake up and suck my cock". If this isn't poetry in motion, I don't know what is. Having a girlfriend that's this smoking hot helps though... but art is art.
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