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Ashley Adams

Uhhhh, at Least Put the Damn Phone Down

Uhhhh, at Least Put the Damn Phone Down

Are we really at this point? Talking on the cellie is a fucking FETISH now? I like you Ashley Adams, I'll fap to you... but you can shove that data plan right up your assholio.
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It's Time for Ashley Adam's First Anal Sex Vid

It's Time for Ashley Adam's First Anal Sex Vid

Anal is just a matter of time when the world's newest, cleanest fuck toy makes her debut on the scene. Consider the creampie left behind a business card.
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Stacked Ashley is Ready for some RAW Sex

Stacked Ashley is Ready for some RAW Sex

Another solid performance from the relatively new Ashley Adams. If she can survive the caffeine fueled dick bashing this guy serves up on a daily basis, she can do anything.
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