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User Comments (9)

  • Jimbo Fisher @ 09/20/15 09:36AMBest Comment
    She was asked on a scale of 1 to 10 what chances do you give Donald Trump to win the presidency. Yeah I would agree.
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  • Vinnie Favale @ 09/20/15 09:20AM
    She was asked how many black men have you had sex within the past week?
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  • John Wayne Bobbit @ 09/20/15 04:42AM
    "Yeah, that's what happened to me."
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  • David Copafeel @ 09/20/15 04:40AM
    What's the saying- A boob in the hand leads to a dick in the bush.
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  • Frank Sinatra @ 09/20/15 04:38AM
    "I Got Youuuuu under my palm"
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  • Sonny+ Cher @ 09/20/15 12:16AM
    "I Got You Boob"
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  • The Phoenix @ 09/20/15 09:01AM
    You asshole, you just wrinkled my new tits. Guess that's what I get for dating a cantaloupe tester.
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  • darwin @ 09/20/15 07:19AM
    Looks like she used the gift certificate to Silicone Mart.
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  • juanhunglow @ 09/20/15 03:22AM
    she is perfect nice tits and quiet-gagged but quiet
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