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FSU Student's Wicked Sex Tape Goes Viral

FSU Student's Wicked Sex Tape Goes Viral

Another college girl makes waves across a campus full of people that legitimately get shocked when they find out hormonal teenagers with access to alcohol have sex.
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FSU's Very Own Pornstar Gets Fucked

FSU's Very Own Pornstar Gets Fucked

Mia Khalifa is the name. After that Duke hoe cashed in on the whole college pornstar thing, this one hit the nearest tit doctor and went down the same road.
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Amateur Sex Videos Don't Get Better

Amateur Sex Videos Don't Get Better

Florida state girl goes from the cheerleading squad to her boyfriend's bedroom and becomes an Internet star overnight. We give this one two boners up.
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FSU Cheerleader Makes Sex Tape Debut

FSU Cheerleader Makes Sex Tape Debut

Gimme a S. Gimme a L, U T. What's that spell? 93% of the female college demographic. And that's being generous when you get towards the west coast.
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