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Hot ASU Student's Sex Tape Collection

Hot ASU Student's Sex Tape Collection

Getting your pee hole blasted one time on video is accomplishment enough for the man doing it here. So lets have a major round of applause for the repeater.
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Gorgeous College Girl Shoots Her 1st Porn

Gorgeous College Girl Shoots Her 1st Porn

Arizona State University is pumping out more whores than we can keep up with. Just get rid of the stench of Paris Hilton and the west coast would be perfect.
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1 Dick Up The Ass Not Enough For ASU Teen

1 Dick Up The Ass Not Enough For ASU Teen

There's many a way to tell a female to shut her fucking pie hole. But actually demonstrating it with your best friend at the Hilton Gardens Inn works best.
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Renting Her Pussy Was Surprisingly Cheap

Renting Her Pussy Was Surprisingly Cheap

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Gay ASU Student Brutally Attacked By Crowd

Gay ASU Student Brutally Attacked By Crowd

So... which one is gay? I see a behemoth in baby blue, 2 men with their shirts off with a guy:girl ratio of 736:1 and a whole lot of sweating. Viewer's choice maybe?
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