Kourtney Kardashian See-thru Tits

Kourtney Kardashian See-thru Tits
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Anonymous +0 Points February 3, 2016

You can see through her tits

Jimbo Fisher +6 Points February 3, 2016

Again? Yesterday was Groundhog day, not Today Shoosh! How many times is this?

The Phoenix +4 Points February 3, 2016

Is this an Alzheimer's test Shoosh?

@your mom / real Phoenix -2 Points February 2, 2016

You seriously need help you little cocksucker, your not funny everybody thinks your an idiot. Your only hope is when your balls drop, in the meantime try a nice glass of antifreeze it tastes just like

The Real Phoenix -3 Points February 2, 2016

She can shit on my face!

Vinnie Favale +4 Points February 2, 2016

I have a question Kourtney. Thumbs up if you think Kanye West is cool. Thumbs down if you think Kanye is a Douche!

David Copafeel +7 Points February 1, 2016

Watch out Kourtney! Daddy's behind the wheel of that car behind you! - is what your daddy said.

your mom -5 Points February 1, 2016

we want that on her ass so we can see her see-thru shits

wubhub +2 Points February 1, 2016

breaking news ...some whores sister wants attention

The Phoenix +5 Points February 1, 2016

" I hope daddy doesn't mind if I borrow his new top"


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