Amanda Beard (Olympic swimmer)

Amanda Beard (Olympic swimmer)
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DOOMY TO ALL WIGGERS +1 Point January 27, 2016

I miss Darwin. Nobody will play with me. No one's taking the bait.

DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS -1 Points January 27, 2016

Davfag I see you have taken over the stupid comments void after Darwin took a dirt nap. Bitchmade wig town bitch BHAHAHAHAHA

Vinnie Favale +1 Point January 27, 2016

Based on name only, I was expecting to see a naked hipster dude. Thank goodness we don't. This is much better.

David Copafeel +1 Point January 27, 2016

She could use a Haircut

The Phoenix +1 Point January 27, 2016

That face would look good carved into a mountain🗿


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