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robert +0 Points January 18, 2005

that is one of the funnies thing that I have ever seen in a long time. The evil strawberry is great and the kid getting mad as hell makes it even more funnier.

like petrol to a fire... +0 Points January 4, 2005

i'll let him off thou cos that was fucking sweet!

like petrol to a fire... +0 Points January 4, 2005

i wouldnt normally do this but seeing how it say's im stupid... THATS NOT HOW YOU SPELL YOUR IN THAT SENSE DICK HEAD!!!!!!! IT'S YOU'R!!!!!!!!!!

just me +0 Points September 30, 2004


vincey +0 Points September 24, 2004


HAHA +0 Points September 23, 2004


spoing +0 Points September 23, 2004

Who gives a shit about whether you should say 'of' or 'have'! Just comment on the film fuckwit.

carl +0 Points September 23, 2004

Would "have" smacked him, you retard. Learn English.

Jaki +0 Points September 23, 2004

i would of smacked him hehe.


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