Insane frog video... wtf

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robert +0 Points July 20, 2005

who ever has invented this piece of fucking shit is really fucked up, what the fuck were you thinking when u made this, if people think this is funny, then you are fucked up

me +0 Points June 29, 2005

jesus tap dancin christ wtf is the matter with u fuckin people

Harry Nijenhuis +0 Points June 22, 2005

fucki ducky wat is dit?//

GeordeX +0 Points April 8, 2005


Only a Doraemon +0 Points March 26, 2005

Stu... Stu?!? STUPID!!!!!

Kirby +0 Points January 9, 2005

.... ummm... that was kinda retarted

nIn +0 Points December 11, 2004

nice psycho work

sk8rRick +0 Points December 7, 2004

This sucks... a lot

Kai +0 Points December 4, 2004

Dont smoke crack

Simple +0 Points December 3, 2004

Don't stare at the sun

JT +0 Points December 2, 2004

what the fuck was that all about?


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