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saga +0 Points May 8, 2005

kiiiii joko

G +0 Points April 2, 2005

fuckin addicting

yo +0 Points March 30, 2005

esta chingadera si sirve cabron

mosher +0 Points March 27, 2005

this game is so fucking dam gay, kill the makers

bugs bunny +0 Points March 23, 2005

does everybody know its duck season?

pimpbot +0 Points March 23, 2005

yo there any hoes up in here?

barry larkin +0 Points March 23, 2005

whats going on? all i see is white, i'll try waiting longer

bubbahotep +0 Points March 23, 2005

man this shit da bomb yo

craig +0 Points March 23, 2005

da fucker dont work

Aghadem +0 Points March 19, 2005

Daje rady

Rajki +0 Points March 15, 2005


? +0 Points December 1, 2004

it worked but it sucked like a hoe on the weekend

Chyta +0 Points November 17, 2004

damn! aw, fuck u!

Sk8rRick +0 Points November 14, 2004

... worked fine for me... but still a gay game

Daffy +0 Points November 12, 2004


rob +0 Points November 12, 2004


rob +0 Points November 12, 2004


rob +0 Points November 12, 2004

fuck you why dosn't it work grr:@

this'sshit +0 Points November 12, 2004

Gay it dont work


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